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Dental Zirconia Furnace
Zirconia Sintering Furnace is equipped with 4 high-purity double-spiral silicon carbide rods or 4 High purity silicon molybdenum rod ,with precise temperature control and no pollution. It can achieve two sintering modes, fast and normal, and ideal zirconia sintering effect can be obtained in both modes.

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Heating Element:  Mosi2 / Sic
Working Temperature (℃): 1550/1600
Max.Heating Rate: 60℃/min
Temperature Accuracy: ±1
Power(KW): 2.5
Overall Size (mm):340x450x780
Heating Chamber Size (mm): Dia.120
Net Weight (Kg): 46/71
Operating Language: 10 languages
  • Dental Sintering Furnace
  • The dental furnaces consist of a double shell structure with excellent insulation. The specially designed structure ensures that the furnace can..
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