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Cvd/Pecvd Furnace
PECVD is to generate plasma by means of glow discharge and other methods, glow discharge plasma: High electron density 109-1012cm3, The temperature of electron gas is 10-100 times higher than that of ordinary gas molecules, a new preparation technology for the growth of thin-film materials is achieved by chemically reacting gaseous substances containing thin-film components.

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Through reactive gaseous discharge, the reaction characteristics of non-equilibrium plasma are effectively used, and the energy supply mode of the reaction system is fundamentally changed.    The low-temperature thermal plasma chemical vapor deposition method has all the advantages of the gas phase method, and the process flow is simple.
  • CVD & PECVD Furnace
  • Product Description CVD system, the vacuum pump adopts double-rotary type, the air mixing system adopts four-way mass flowmeter gas supply..
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