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  • AEROSPACE In aerospace industries, heat treatment is performed to improve a number of components to enhance their resistance to the wear and corrosion t..
  • AUTOMOTIVE During vacuum heat treatment, the material’s mechanical and metallurgical properties characteristics are transformed in a way which ..
  • Vacuum sintering furnace application: Vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for sintering of powder metallurgy products, metal injection molding produ..
  • Semiconductor
  • What does a semiconductor diffusion furnace do? Normally diffusion is the process of molecules moving from an area of high concentration to an area of low c..
  • photovoltaic
  • For the photovoltaic industry, the production of solar cells is inseparable from the heat treatment furnace, from the manufacture of silicon wafers, the use of mo..
  • Advanced ceramics
  • What are advanced ceramics? Advanced ceramics refers to the design of new materials or new combinations of existing materials through the application of m..
  • New materials Research and development
  • Materials science is a constantly advancing discipline, and the preparation of new materials is an important part of materials science, through different preparat..
  • Dental laboratory
  • Dental furnaces are very common in dental laboratories and are usually divided into porcelain and zirconia furnaces for different sintering materials. Porcelai..
  • University laboratory
  • High-temperature furnaces are used in many scientific and product laboratories in university laboratories, such as research and development laboratories, dental l..
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