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Oil quenching furnace
1.Convenient operation, free manual/automatic conversion, fully automatic control can be realized for complete avoidance of failure in manual operation during work. 2.Perfect alarm system can protect the equipments effectively. 3.Double -chain variable frequency transmission guarantees stable transmission, and the speed is adjustable.

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Size (mm):300x300x450/400x400x600/500x500x700/
Installed capacity (kg):100-500+
Heating material:Graphite / Molybdenum
Maximum temperature (℃):1320
Temperature uniformity (±℃):5
Ultimate vacuum (Pa):4×10-1
Gas pressure (bar):2
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Frequently Asked Questions About Muffle Furnaces
What are muffle furnaces, and what are their laboratory applications?

A mufe tumace is a aboratory heatng device designed for high-emperature appicatons such as amnealing,ashing, cacining, and heat treatment lt orovides a controled ervironmentwith precise temperature control, making it essential for various scientific and industrial processes

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