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Muffle and Box furnace
Henan synthe corporation provides the solution of electric experimental furnace, we insist for a decade on the lab furnace field, focus on meeting the various requirements of the clients. Whether it is size or operating temperature, we can provide customized services, each kind of furnace will matched specially design according to your exact using environment, Your idea, we make it into reality.

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Max temperature: From 1200C to 1800C 
Heating elements: Resistance wire/Silicon carbide/Silicon molybdenum Standard 
Size: From 100*100*100 to 1000*1000*1000(mm)/Custom size could be larger 
Temperature control: 50 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate 
Control system:SCR with phase switch for safety shut-off 
Insulation layer: Ceramic fiber 
Warranty:One year warranty on non-consumables 
Technical assistance: Life-time
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