CVD & PECVD Furnace
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Product Description

CVD system, the vacuum pump adopts double-rotary type, the air mixing system adopts four-way mass flowmeter gas supply system, the maximum temperature can reach 1700c, and can mix 1~4 kinds of gas.

PECVD multi-temperature zone tube furnace system, the component is 500W RF power supply, is a new experimental helper for growing nanowires, graphene and various films.


Furnace Features & Sizing Options

The maximum temperature can reach 1700c.

The three temperature zones are controlled by three temperature control systems, and all 30 temperature rise and fall procedures can be set.

Each temperature zone has a length of 200mm.

The total temperature zone length is 600mm.

The furnace tube is a high purity quartz tube.

Equipped with a pair of stainless steel vacuum sealing flanges with a quartz viewing window on the flange and a liquid injection air.

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