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High Temperature Tilting Rotary Tubular Furnace
Rotary Tube Furnace    View:430    Date:2023/12/18    

About Middle Tube Furnace:

1.Middle Size tube furnace is a multi-temperature zone;  
2.Resistance wire as heating element,its continuous working temperature can reach 1000℃;
3.The tube furnace is equipped with stainless steel vacuum sealed flanges; 
4.Tube Furnace has a four-channel gas supply system that allows heating of samples in vacuum or flowing 

gas conditions;
5.The high precision thermostat provides 51 heating and cooling steps to +/ -1 oC accuracy;
6.The tube furnace euiped tilt system can achieve continuous feeding and discharge;
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Video Link:https://www.youtube.com/embed/DBQSsfg1Vm0

Note:The choice of pipe material and heating elements will be influenced by size and temperature.

Technical Specification:




AC 415V 3Phases 50Hz

Max. temp


Constant working temp.

1000 for continuously

Tube Processing 


Length of Tube


Spec of Tube


Furnace body inclination angle



K type

Temp accuracy


Temp control

PID automatic control with 51 steps programmable

Heating element

Heating Resistance wire  

Mass Flow Controllers

Four Channels

Mass Flow Rate is 0 - 3000 SCCM

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