Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces
Atmosphere vacuum furnace    View:24    Date:2022/04/21

Product Description:

This type of furnace makes the multi-atmosphere process in one cycle possible: binder burns out in air and parts sintering under

vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. The furnace is widely used for heating treatment of materials in a vacuum, recursive, protective atmosphere, also can be used for heating treatment of special materials. 

Atmosphere Vacuum Furnace

Technical Specification:

Furnace Structure

Double shell steel case with cooling fan to keep outside case cool

High purity foamed ceramic insulation for max. energy saving


AC 208-240V50/60HZ, Single Phase 


15 Kw

Max. Temperature


Chamber Size


Temperature Control

30 segments easy use PID programmable temperature controller

Control accuracy


Heating Element

MoSi2 Heating Elements


K Type

Special Configuration

Explosion Door

Pirani Gauge

We can provide design according to your requirements. Welcome to consult us for more information.

The Customers Feedback:

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with solutions to meet their needs and being a solver of customer problems. Thank customers for their affirmation.

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