MIM Vacuum Sintering Furnace
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The equipment is the newly developed fourth generation of environmental protection catalytic degreasing furnace, using solid oxalic acid as a catalyst, suitable for rapid catalytic degreasing of metal injection molding and ceramic injection molding (MIM/CIM) products .


1.2 Characteristic

i. Multiple active and passive safety and explosion protection design

ii. The fast degreasing system with unique design can greatly improve the degreasing efficiency while ensuring the degreasing uniformity;

iii. Environmental protection catalyst and waste gas treatment system

Vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace MIM-VF4415 is a horizontal resistance heating furnace with two independent control loops to ensure high temperature uniformity. It integrates function of debinding, sintering and vacuum adjustment in a single sintering cycle for MIM materials such as stainless steel 304, 306 and 17-4 in a single sintering cycle. It can realize argon/nitrogen negative pressure debinding and other debinding processes. 

The whole process including temperature, heating speed, holding time and gas flow, pressure is automatic controlled, monitored, tracked and recorded self-diagnosis and fault treatment by PLC and touch screen.

The main components (control elements, sensors, vacuum gauges, valves, etc.) are imported components with the advanced international level, which can meet the long-term stable and reliable production requirements.

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