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Vacuum Furnace
Vacuum Sintering furnace    View:1330    Date:2023/12/18    

Product Description

Vacuum and Atmosphere Furnace, this equipment is specially designed for heat treatment of materials under inert gas protection. The maximum working temperature is 1650 degrees. High-purity alumina fiber is used as the furnace chamber's material, and the surface is coated with high-temperature alumina coating to improve heating efficiency. Increase the uniformity of temperature while extending the life of the furnace.


Max working temperature: 1600°C in vacuum, inert atmosphere and air.

Different heating elements are used for different temperature requirements, including ferrochrome aluminum, silicon carbon rod, silicon molybdenum rod, MoSi2 heating elements are designed in a unique U shaped configuration to ensure the longest .

heating element life, best heat radiation properties at high temperature and easy exchange.

All chambers of models use Alumina polycrystalline fiber to ensure energy efficiency.

Different models use Long Life B Type, S Type, K Type Thermocouple.

Double shell structure with air cooling system, shell surface temperature is lower than 60oC.

Excellent Temperature Accuracy & Uniformity

Energy-Efficient Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Automatic Shut-Off Safety Feature

Most Models In-Stock for Quick Delivery

One Year Limited Warranty on Electronic Parts

Custom sizes available on request

Henan Synthe has the ability to offer the design and produce according to your specific demand, please contact us if you are looking for customized heat treatment solutions for your company.  

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