Rotary Tube Furnace
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Product Description

The high temperature rotary furnace can reach a maximum temperature of 1700c. The characteristic of this equipment is that when the sample is sintered, the furnace tube can be rotated, which can make the sintered powder sample better in the world. customize features and elements to fit your applications specifications and demands. Add either a manual or automated tilting device depending on your needs.


Furnace Features & Sizing Options

 Rotary Furnace Tube Temperature from 1100C to 1700C

Heating Zone Length: 440mm, 900mm

Pipe Diameter:50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm

208/220V single phase for all models

51 Segment Easy Use PID programmable temperature controller

Special High Temperature MoSi2 Ceramic Heating Elements – ensures the longest heating element life and best heat radiation properties at high temperatures

Ceramic fiber Board lining to ensure energy efficiency

Long-lifeK, S, B-type Thermocouple

One-year limited warranty on all electronic parts


Henan Synthe has the ability to offer the design and produce according to your specific demand,please contact us if you are looking for customized heat treatment solutions for your company. 

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